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not developed an alternative idea set other than what mitt romney and paul ryan were campaigning on so it sort of by default has become their opening negotiation situation. >> when we're trying to fig yut out the future of the country, they're attack lg grover norquist? >> here is what congressional republicans are saying about their signed pledge. to grover norquist. >> i'm not obligated on the pledge. i made tennesseeans aware, the only thing i'm honoring is the oath that i take when i'm sworn in this january. >> when i go to the con stech wents that have re-elected me. >> the pledge is for that congress. if i remember in congress in 1941, i would have signed a declaration of war against japan. the world has changed. >> but grover norquist does not think this world has changed. for republicans, who signed his pledge. >> are you going to want to exact punishment on them in two year, what? >> two things. there have been some, the folks whose pictures you put up there, some have engaged in impure thoughts. they haven't actually voted for a tax increase. we could ask president bush how his secon
but romney got the popular vote. i agree that would have been bad. it would have denied the democrat the clear mandate. the implication from the right wing seemed to have been had the republican candidate won the popular vote, there would be trouble of some undefined type. what the heck did that mean? yes, we've had to put up with this ridiculous secession petitions out there, the texas version having been signed by over 100,000 people since election day, but could the right have gone further had it been armed with a popular vote victory? there does seem to be a difference in the two parties. when al gore lost 12 years ago, he ignored his 600,000 vote victory in the popular vote. he just learned to live with the irony. republicans have carefully forgotten this bit of history, but i have real doubts those on the angry, demanding right would have been so quietly obedient to constitutional law. there's something out there on the right right now that is still uneasy with this defeat. searching desperately for an explanation of how the conservative caterpillar they had right there in thei
one more from the "where are they now?." you may remember mitt romney made a rather infamous statement that 47% of the country would not vote for him because they saw himself as victims, entitled-- housing, health care, from the government. as it turns out, much to his disappointment, barack obama was able to pick up four more percent of real america giving him the victory. of course romney walked back his 47% statement. >> in this case i said something that was just completely wrong, and i absolutely believe, however, that my life has shown that i care about 100%, and-- and that's been demonstrated throughout my life. >> jon: i believe him. ( laughter ) there's something about a man standing in front of a perfectly pressed flag and the world's cleanest indoor tractor that says, "i'm the real deal." laughed laug ( laughter ) you can imagine my surprise when this man, so unfairly character turd, by his own words, as an out-of-touch plutocrat yesterday blamed his campaign loss on leaches. >> what the president's campaign did was focus on certain members of his base coalition, give them
, mitt romney leading the republican party decided to make it all political and thanks to fox news, they're still trying to make it all political. and susan rice, not even nominated yet as secretary of state and she may not be. obama could decide to go with john kerry or jane armen or who knows who else, right? susan rice has to go up to the united states senate today and meet with -- she will, meet with john mccain and lindsey graham and a couple of other senators and try to explain herself. she shouldn't have to do that. i think it is embarrassing. kevin is calling from chicago. what do you think kevin? >> caller: hey, how do youing, bill? >> bill: good to hear from you. >> caller: if they were a legitimate news organization, wouldn't you go with the fact -- take whatever your guest says and you go with it. but since everybody knows they're the mouthpiece of the republicans, i find it amusing that they're so inept they don't even see what their guest is going to say. it is like how dumb are they? it just reinforc
was all in with romney. they didn't split their conviction as usual. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: yeah, so instead of fighting them for a tax increase on the top 2% that america supports, let's gently go over that fiscal slope and then. >> stephanie: it's more like a fiscal bunny hill. i think with a good flying sauce as her weeding fine and go right into january. >> caller: fuzzy too right? >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: gently go over to face asking slope and give 98% of americans a tax decrease and everybody will get what the american people wanted. >> stephanie: yeah within i have to say we're going to have a big discussion about this this morning. there's a lot of interesting different sides you're with patrick murray. senator murray is saying it's not a cliff it's a slope. he's saying it can be fixed fairly quickly in january. >> what we don't want is extending the bush tax cuts again, because that's what put us into this situation in the first place. >> stephanie: eric cantor on fox news is lying. what's the chance? it's like there wasn't an election of some sort where mitt romn
. >> the republican party has not developed an alternative idea set other than what mitt romney and paul ryan were campaigning on. ♪ america, america >> are we going to continue to making our case? >> i will say this, i can never, ever find my car in a garage. ♪ i'm going off the rails on a crazy train ♪ ♪ i'm going off the rails on a crazy train ♪ >> with frantic and frenetic behind-the-scenes negotiations as both sides work against the clock trying to reach an agreement on the fiscal cliff that is fast approaching. the president is trying to ramp up public pressure on congress to accept his ideas for debt reduction in. in the coming days he meets with small business owners, middle class taxpayers, around corporate leaders. friday he tried to recapture his winning spirit in pennsylvania touring a toy manufacturing plant. i don't think the event is in whoville but the republicans as grinch playbook is probably evident enough. to hear some of the president's team, they see this christmas going their way. >> i think we're going to get this done. i'm more positive than most. i'm heartened b
an enormous boom, a big part of romney's tax plan, there's no basis of it on our current understanding of economics. >> ben, when we talk about the cultural shift one way or the other, the person whose name has come up frequently in the last week is grover norquist. eugene robinson writing perhaps an optimistic op-ed yesterday that says maybe the fever is breaking, maybe the delirrium is lifting. maybe republicans are asking themselves what were we thinking when we put an ya surds l unrealistic pledge to a lobbyist in washington. this comes on the heels of a few saying they might be open to tax. >> [ inaudible ] there's also, you know, the republican study committee and all of the kind of ideological mechanisms that have been pushing the republican party to the right. >> and the whole tea party. >> the tea party. >> and wealthy people. >> so that's the key here. for me what's interesting about this, this is a probe into the ceo's soul. if you look at cnbc, the ceos are going like the apocalypse. >> december 21st. >> and what's interesting here is, is the business community, the chamber
because they signify the clash, the clash that's taking place in america right now. texas voted for romney by about 1.3 million votes. california voted for obama by about 2.3 million votes. texas conservative state. california, dominated by liberal americans. both states have more minority voters than white voters. the overriding tradition of texas is that self-reliance rules. most voters there don't want government telling them what to do. therefore, they don't have a lot of social service. no state income tax in texas. however, get in the lone star state about $40 billion. there is a balanced budget amendment. by contrast california owes an astounding $167 billion. and it's running an annual deficit of about 9 billion. money they that can never never be paid back. what is california getting for all of that? high school graduation rate 37 out of 50 states. per capita income, $44,500. but, there is a 10.1% unemployment rate. crime number one. there are more prisoners in california than any other state. take a look at texas. high school ranks 44th. slightly above california. per capita inco
nellie, a republican who actively supported mitt romney. he did a radio interview where one of the hosts, cheri jacobus, had reasonable -- let's hear what she said. >> voter photo i.d., obama lost every one of those states. he can't win in a state where photo i.d. is required. so clearly there's something going on out there, and until there's a way to have something done about it, where when you report it, you know it's going to be looked into, the other side just says, oh, well, you're just poor losers and that sort of thing. >> your tone suggests you're a little upset with me. you're preaching to the choir. i'm with you completely. >> well, get this, president obama lost georgia, indiana, kansas, and tennessee not because of their strict photo i.d. laws but because of their conservative voting majorities obviously. >>> neck, a whole new meaning for a campaign in shreds. we're talking literally. the remains of some documents with information about mitt romney's campaign motorcade went through an unlikely disposal process. they became the confetti found bybee standers at the macy's day t
, romney for president, on your group website says inclusion wins. however, romney didn't offer that style in his message. from your position, why should a lesbian voter give the republicans a second look? >> for the same reason that any voter should consider all issues when they decide who they want to support in an election. lesbian voters, like all americans, are multifacetted individuals and when you speak about the potential to fiscal cliff and the damage to the economy, we've considered the economy when we made our endorsement decision. and lesbian voters, well, when you've got an economy that is sluggish, when you've got high unemployment figures, a population that suffers from potential discrimination in 29 states is going to look hard at who they think is going to make the best decisions for the economy. >> when it comes to voting, though, is that the only thing that the log cabin republicans looked at was the economy and giving that endorsement to mitt romney because he is not a supporter of marriage equality or even civil unions. and from what we know about what was discussed du
, by a combined total of 300 30,000 votes. now, had mitt romney won those states, we would be talking about what a genius he was. in fact, any other democrat would have lost this election. i think that baracobama is unique. >> i believe so. i believe that barack obama's record was a loser's record, but he managed to win in part because romney was not a great messenger and obama wasn't a great messenger for his ideology. cheryl: i said this, i'll be gentle is coming out and saying that the gop has got to speak more to the middle class. is he right? >> yes, i think there are always ways to improve wht you are saying and how you say it. but i don't think it's a fundamental issue. i don't think that the reblicans should become more like democrats. therefore, we don't have a two-party system. we just have a big government party. i think republicans have to sharpen the message and i think that they have to practice what they reach. to many of the republican constituents are sort of clamoring for government programs rather than denouncing the government programs. when a capitalism, for example, there h
's our leader. >> sean: i don't get this. if you listen to leaders, they'll say romney's 47% comment played a big role in this election. >> right. >> sean: but obama can talk about bitter people in the midwest and in pennsylvania that cling to their guns and bibles with antipathy to those not like him, he gets a pass. >> right. >> sean: why isn't it equal? >> i'm not going to defend jamie foxx, because i think he went over the top -- what's that? >> sean: i said why does obama get away with it and romney doesn't? >> i don't think he gets away with it. they get their shots, they take their shots and shots are taken at them. the bigger issue with the republican party, maybe they have to be more moderate to appeal to more people. >> sean: but if the 47% -- >> i really believe that. i think there are a broader base of people tying in to what the democrats have to say than what the republicans have to say. >> sean: but if the analysis were correct that, the 47% comment, that the media ran with, played such a big role, then why didn't the comments of bitter people with guns and religion pl
mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? ♪ ♪ the trucks are going farther. the new 2013 ram 1500. ♪ ♪ with the best-in-class fuel economy. engineered to move heaven and earth. ♪ ♪ guts. glory. ram. very, very excited about that and very proud of that. >>beltway politics from inside the loop. >>we tackle the big issues here in our nation's capital, around the country and around the globe. >>dc columnist and four time emmy winner bill press opens current's morning news block. >>we'll do our best to carry the flag from 6 to 9 every morning. >>liberal and proud of it. >> cenk: now you know how the gun shop owners have been saying and the gun manufacturers have been saying oh, my god when obama is re-elected, he'll take away all your guns. hurry up and go out and buy more. [ crying ] there is a gun shop owner cope reynolds who is taking a different approach. he said if you're an obama supporter you cannot buy guns. you're not allowed to. he put a sign up on his place of business
. >> and scott walker of wisconsin. >> he has been elected twice in a state that mitt romney lost by 7 points. lou: you had to leave it wh governor romney. >> their bench is really thin that is why joe biden is the vice president. come on, let's leave
. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? unwrap your paradise. soft, sweet coconut covered in rich, creamy chocolate. almond joy and mounds. unwrap paradise. >> you're energized the war room. we don't like war but we do like anything that uses war terminology especially when it comes to politics or craziness. first up, the war on christmas. the fox nation site already that its war on christmas section in fighting shape. headlines like a gender neutral christmas? a swedish toys are us store are trying to be gender neutral showing a boy playing with a doll and a girl a toy gun. oh, my god how will we survive? i guess this is "news" because scandinavia is so close to the north pole and santa claus lives there and a traditional marriage with a man woman and some elves. you can click over to the fox news opinion section with news on the war on people like me, men, the author of how to choose a husband explains this battle of the sexes. if men today are slackers and retreating
. >> i just wonder if during hurricane sandy if mitt romney had said i really, really, appreciate what the president is doing at this time of crisis for our country. we support what he's doing, we support the people in new jersey and new york and new york city and also during foreign policy crises where there might have been some alignment if mitt romney had just said the president is doing the right thing or stayed out of the way might it have made a difference. because there are times that happens, they could actually agree. >> and mitt romney polled well when he talked about his ability to work across the aisle when he was governor of massachusetts. and i think that's message for what's going on in washington right now. people are tired of gridlock, tired of the endless ideological warfare, and hopefully that and the fact that the president's numbers are up, hopefully that helps moving into the negotiations about the fiscal cliff and all else. essentially the message in washington, we need to see a little bit of progress. >>> former governor jeb bush met yesterday with former staffe
dollars. i was amazed at how fast the democrats adopted mitt romney's -- for these home deductions. these people want to go around saying obama, obama wally is cutting your social security and medicare in your home deductions are really happy. we are not in this for nothing. nobody cares about us because we want to be so proud of president obama. and let him defund social security. the democrats have no intention of ending the debt ceiling now, because they want to give away more democratic priorities. we hostages. when the republicans have not given anything yet, that is what you get here you get your priorities cut. because you did not say a word. so sit back in your house and yelled obama, obama while he takes all of the food out of your mouth. host: let me echo some sentiments your efforts to facee spending resistance. the two senators, the story often notes that this is what they would like to see from the president. they want him to start negotiations at a one-one ratio. putting them in line with many in the parties that want to see a harder line taken by democrats. some advo
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it or not, six, average income of $202 million paid nothing. they were members of romney's 47%. i mean -- and i suspect he got their vote. but just a bunch of moochers. just a bunch of moochers. >> rose: they voted for him, did they? (laughs) >> but they're -- well, we've conducted a survey three times in my office in three different years and the office has between 16 and probably 21 employees during that period and each time my tax rate was considerably lower-- i'm talking about payroll taxes plus income taxes-- considerably lower than anybody else in the office. these people made various incomes. and the tax law in many cases is not progressive. i think the tax law should be progressive. i think that when people make $15 or $20 million or $200 million and pay a 10% rate i think something should be done about that. >> rose: then people step forward and say well, that's because most of the income comes from dividends which is taxed at a lower rate. >> they would probably say most of it comes from capital gains and it taxed at a lower rate. >> rose: i mean capital gains. >> this just m
paying so much less, paying what mitt romney paid, paying what warren buffett pays, 14 or 16%, because of capital gains and other investments, what about a minimum tax that would require them to pay 35%? >> the president has supported the buffet principle for a long time and his state of the union address last year, he supported buffet rule which would set a minimum tax for those who are the most wealthy. but we have a set of problems we need to address. and this requires a comprehensive solution and most importantly, we need to collect additional revenue from the most fortunate which includes raising tax rates to where they were during the clinton years. >> similarly, what about revisiting simpson-bowles? a lot of people are talking about the framework, a lot of work has been done, are there means testing, further means testing of medicare, for instance, or other kinds of delayed medicare enactment, you know, sliding the age, for instance, kicks in other ways to try to down the road at least realize some real money? >> well, i think the best solution would be one that not only raises
that supported mitt romney to refuse to participate in the electoral college. a move they believe would change the results of the election. it's the kind of radical talk that turned off a lot of voters in the last election, but the wall street journal reports, they are regrouping, searching for candidates who can win in 2014. i'm joined by amy cramer who is chair of the tea party express. good morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> good to see you. let me ask you about the state senator's proposal. do you think this election can and should be constitutionally overturned? >> no. the people spoke and we have the results of the election. it stands. we need to like you said regroup and look at what we need to do better moving forward. but the election's not going to be overturned. >> many tea party activists point the finger of blame at mitt romney for the group's poor showing. tell me what you've looked at in terms of this past election and what lessons have you learned from your losses? >> well, you know, there's plenty of blame to go around. tea party candidates lost, moderates lost, there's
romney was in the primary and they can delegate stuff and then hurricane sandy hit and everyone said that in an emergency, having federal coordination is good. when you don't want to take the time to pick it up from scratch, that's good. we have delegated to the private sector all of our emergency response for cellular networks and these new, what we call ip networks or cable phone service like bondage. when it comes to the old copper networks, we know all about that. we have crews on call, cell power, reliability built into that from day one. that is why new yorkers were scrambling. we don't need to take the old rules from the ma bell days, but we didn't have the federal government and the state government taking a look at what happened. they need to figure out what are the ground was? what are the things that you want to have in place before an emergency hits? one of the things that you need to be doing before a crisis so that when a crisis hits, everybody is operating on the same page and everybody is moving as quickly as they can and they are able to do the best job that they can
of mitt romney motor kad's a-last month. the police department is reviewing the procedure. >> it didn't just fall out of the sky like sponge bob. >> not like the rain is going to fall. >> i was trying to transition that was a solid attempt. >> thanks. here's what we have for tonight. not going rain tonight or tomorrow morning. there will be fog in the morning. it will be chilly out in the morning. high deaf doppler, nothing on it, last time we're going to show you that for the next several l nights, we're looking about a week's worth of rab fall. we are -- rain fall. we are expecting sharp river rises. check out the rain fall total, five to eight inches of rain expected, three to five for a- alameda county. it is going to get very wet out there. the rain will begin as soon as wednesday. there's a reason for this, it's called the pineapple express. it's when we get rain fall that originates in hawaii and works its way across the pacific ocean. that will most likely hit us pause we have a low pressure stream and that will send this rain to the bay area. all of this begins on wednesda
hurt mitt romney. christie's aides were testing that blowback how severe it was the day after the election. but -- and so that's something he will have to manage. but, you know these poll numbers are pretty extraordinary. and memories will get pretty short, particularly if he has a successful second term. >> john, speaking about republicans and their future there's a report in the national review this morning about jeb bush meeting with aides near the white house. he is in washington for an education summit. what do we know about whether jeb bush is really considering a presidential run four years from now? >> you know you can go crazy trying to figure out what jeb bush is going to do. remember how he danced around the issue several times in this last election and then also the question of whether he was really up for being vice president or not. he was certainly quite coy in his remarks to the national review. it's interesting. swreb jeb bush and chris christie both criticized for bucking their party. not only on the romney question but jeb bush saying i
the fact that romney didn't even mention it in in his convention speech. both men in the debate said we're going to be out of there by 2014. >> not completely accurate by the way. >> stephen: oh, really. how fast would you get out? >> i was happy to leave. but we're going to withdraw the combat troops by 2014. but we're going to have special forces troops there for a long time and just judging by what i saw in terms of-- . >> stephen: aren't special forces combat troops? >> one would think but not technically. technically-- sses technically they're going to be teaching arts and crafts? what are they going to be be doing, macrame. >> they'll be doing counterterrorist missions so it will be different, not combat but counterterrorism. they will go after the strongholds of insurgents that could pose a threat theoretically teert afghan government or the u.s.. >> stephen: i don't know if those guys are watching homeland but if you are's going after terrorist you need a well charged cell phone. well, jake, thank you so much for joining me. (cheers and applause) the book is the outpost, the man
this is why businessmen shouldn't be in politics-- (laughter) (cheers and applause) >> jon: it's over! romney didn't win it, it's okay. you can stop. >> but he was convinced that as a businessman he could negotiate anything. and if he could sit down across the table from adolf hitler and say adolf, what does germany need, i'll get it for you, just let the jews go. and stop this nonsense. take what you've got and let's go home. >> jon: he wanted the jews to be let go and was going to set them newspaper africa so he wasn't that far off. you can stick around for a little bit. we'll talk a little bit about the family. patriarch is on the book shelves now, a little bit more for the web, david nassaw. (cheers and applause) xçññ@
phenomenally well and their effective tax rate, take mitt romney, is extremely low. he says this is a no-brainer. >> eliot: he said it's at 19.5% and that is simply, he said it's unfair and it has led to the maldirection of income and wasn't. he said do something about it. that's why he should be-- >> what is really grotesque, you may have seen on some of the network tv, people like lloyd blankfein the head of goldman sachs. you have wall treat millionaires who in many ways caused this recession and with all the suffering taking place they're going on television saying, you know we've got to cut social security medicare, and medicaid. that's totally obscene. >> eliot: you are correct senator. i want to switch gears. one of the reasons why it's been so hard, particularly in the senate to getting things accomplished is the filibuster. we have this brief open window to get filibuster reform. where are we? will you have the magic 51 votes and will reid be able to use get the 51 votes to get the reform. >> you're quite right people are angry. they're hurting and congress is not responding. on
to do? hang around for another 15 until medicaid shows up? they are paying lip service. it's romney 2.0. that's all it is. so what should liberals in this country be prepared to accept at this point as you see it? >> i really think that we should go back to the clinton rates, which are still lower than they should be. that's where we ought to start. if people want to talk about tax reform, let them get specific. because there are certain forms of so-called tax reform that could hammer the middle class. do we want to get rid of the mortgage reduction to hit middle class people? we can't do that. >> that won't happen because the real estate lobby is too strong. and i wish the country would stop talking about the mortgage deduction. it isn't going to happen. there's enough people in washington that are going to make sure. it's a good talking point to scare the hell out of middle-class families, but they are not protecting them. the companies that are getting huge defense contracts are now experts on what we ought to do with the budget. and they are there protecting their own backside. th
for unmanned aircraft strikes on terrorists so that if romney won he would inherit clear guidelines. the issues are not as urgent now. obama won allegedly, but the administration is still pushing to formalize the rules and nail down exactly when deadly force is justified. they are debating whether drones should be a last resort against imminent threat to our country or something else like in pakistan where they are deployed against militants whose main grudge is with pakistani authoritiesment the president has miss givings telling one interviewer, quote, there is a remotist to it that helps us think somehow we can solve vexing security problems. for more, let's go live to qet red eye"'s correspondent chip herrington. >> i don't know how he got his security credentials. are we going too far with drones or not far enough? >> you are solving vexing security problems which is a nice why the stuff, but how do you do uj judge, jury and the such. you turn them into lengthy decisions and how do we do this? and you missed your target half the time. it is a very difficult question. >> wait a minute. ther
the enders -- contenders for person of the year. a list including president obama, mitt romney, hillary clinton, bill clinton, mohammed morsi and benjamin netanyahu. fluke's inclusion might come as a surprise as a news-maker. one might say she was dwarfed by the others. looking at the top 50 newspapers this year, senator fluke appeared in 1,059 articles. mitt romney in 71,000. president obama 59,000. bill clinton 11,000. the win her be announced december 14. >>> finally, china communist newspape daily" has been hoodwinked. they ran a 55-page photo spread in tribute to kim jung un and named "onion sexiest man alive." with his round face and boyish charm and the strong sturdy chin, this pyongyang bred heartthrob is every woman's dream come true. this is true. >>> you may soon feel effect not of the earthquake in your wallet from new environmental regulations that, now that president obama has won re-election. fox news net wok senior correspondent -- network senior washington correspondent peter bans takes a look at what it could mean for you. >> top senate critic of the environmental prot
. as romney proved during the campaign, you can't do it just by doctoring up the tax code. that should be part of the deal. we need to have tax reform. we have to have the people who have done so well during this difficult time we have had with the economy. the richest of the rich will have to pay a little bit more to solve the financial problems we have in this country. [inaudible] >> right after the senate majority leader harry reid spoke, republican leaders held their own briefing and ways to find a deal and criticized leader reid's plan. this is 15 minutes. >> good afternoon, everyone. as we head into the fiscal cliff negotiations, my advice to the president would be -- seems like our friends on the other side are having difficulty turning off the campaign. we need to sit down and work this matter out. i think we have a clear sense and opportunity here at the end of the year to do something important for the country. we all know that the most critical steps to be taken are to save the entitlements, which are on an unsustainable path to bankruptcy. there's no better time to begin to fix tha
, to some degree they didn't think it'd make a whole lot of difference if mitt romney was elected. you've heard the numbers, numbers of white voters who turned out, seniors who turned out much lower than it was from earlier years. this is something that, again, romney apparently failed to convince enough people that there would be a big difference with his election. >> if you wrap it all up, scott and it's not morning in america, i don't see optimism in the numbers you're coming up with. just don't see it. last word. >> and here is -- and consumer confidence is down since election day, if that translates into economic activity we're going to have a tough first quarter next year. >> scott rasmussen, thanks very much indeed. see you again soon. >> it's 9:48 so i'm giving you the cold report a little earlier. 1,747 exactly per ounce, we're down just a little this tuesday morning. north dakota booming. we're talking billions of dollars, thousands of jobs, thousands of people making small fortunes on oil and it's because the government is getting out of the way. charles payne, and jedia are
is on the candidate, on mitt romney, one is on the campaign, and one is on demographics, the messa message. >> you win and lose as a team. i know that from several elections i've been fortunate to be on the winning team more often than not, but we have to look at everything we did from logistics to turnout to technology to message to tone. when you lose, it's not a good feeling. and we're disappointed, but we're not discouraged. look, chuck, we won 30 governors races in the last couple of years going from 22 to 30. republican governors have got it right in the states with the result, a positive idea driven message. that's where the leaders, i think, are the future of the party are going to come from. so we're winning there. the last three years we won in virginia pretty well, up until this year losing a close election. >> is there a problem the party -- it feels like i'm living deja vu. the democrats were the party that would win when not everybody showed up to the polls. when everybody shows up to the polls in a presidential election, republicans would win. well, in the -- now it seems like it's diff
world. going after entitlements is basically paying lip service to the right wing. it's just romney 2.0. that's all it is. so what should liberals in this country be prepared to accept at this point as you see it? >> well, i really think that we should go back to the clinton rates, including the rates on capital gains which are still probably lower than they should be, and that's where we ought to start. if people want to talk about tax reform, let them do it after that. and let them get specific. because there are certain forms of so-called tax reform that could really hammer the middle class. do we really want to get rid of the mortgage deduction in a way -- >> they can't go down that road. >> that will hit middle class people? >> first of all that, won't happen because the real estate lobby in washington is too strong. >> i think you're right about that. >> i wish that the country would stop talking about the mortgage deduction. it isn't going to happen. there's enough people in washington that are going to make sure. it's a good talking point for some people in the right wing to s
about a motorcade for presidential nominee mitt romney. the documents came out of the long island police department. >> we're back in a moment with more. hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a q
governor romney. the stat was 17 minutes into the speech before he said the name romney. remember that? you wonder how the gop now feels about him. he is a popular guy. so -- >> got to strike while the iron is hot. >> that's right. everyone has their turn. we'll see. >>> in other news now, the president's likely choice as next secretary of state begins making her round today on capitol hill. susan rice meets behind closed doors with some top republican lawmakers. of course, they have been critical of her comments on the september 11th attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. senator john mccain is chief among her critics, but he has since backed off his threat to block her nomination. the two are set to meet tuesday. what a fascinating chat that will be. >> i'm sure they will embrace. >>> also on capitol hill, signs of a growing republican revolt. lawmakers who promised not to raise taxes are now reconsidering. >> they're trying to avoid the fiscal cliff, which looms in just more than a month. abc's karen travers is in washington with the latest. good morning, karen. >> reporter: good morning
along with mitt romney's pollsters. he said mr. bush remained coy about making a run for the white house and instead deflected the focus towards his efforts on educational reform. >> potential candidates are lining up for a chance to fill congressman jesse jackson jr.'s house seat after he resigned amid scandal last week. a special election is set for mid-march but will likely be pushed to april. the son of the famed civil rights leader is currently the target of multiple investigations including one for the alleged misuse of campaign funds. jackson has been out of the public eye since june when he began a leave for what was later disclosed as bipolar disorder. more than a dozen contenders have expressed interest in running for the seat. >>> this morning's "washington post" says private talks between president obama and top republicans including house speaker john boehner are accelerating. but the white house must contend with members of his own party who are pushing back against proposals that significantly reshape entitlement programs like medicare and social security. white house pres
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